OpenCV AI Competition

OpenCV Spatial AI Competition Sponsored by Intel 

About 4 months back we announced OpenCV Spatial AI Competition sponsored by Intel. The response to the competition was overwhelming. About 235 teams around the world participated in the first phase of the competition.

Out of those 32 teams were selected for Phase 2. These teams received a free OpenCV AI Kit with Depth (OAK-D) smart cameras, free access to Intel's DevCloud, and support from our hardware team over a slack channel.

The teams had to implement the proposed idea in Phase 2 using OAK-D in 3 months. Yup, just 3 months for a working prototype for a hardware in the middle of a pandemic!

But work they did, and submitted some amazing projects. We recently announced the results of the competition

Contestants built assistive technologies for the blind, gesture based controller, a solution for efficient packing and shipping, autonomous forklift and lawn mower, home workout assistant, weed classification for agriculture, and even estimating the amount of rainfall!

OpenCV AI Competition (January 2021)

We (and our sponsors) were blown away by the response we received and the creativity of our community members in the first spatial AI competition.

We decided to go BIG with our next competition. We have partnered with Intel and Microsoft to bring to life the second OpenCV AI Competition. This will be 10x the size of first competition! 

We will update this page with more details in early December, 2020


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  • I wanna part of this community.

    Kush Kumar Swarnkar on
  • Impressive projects in previous competition! Waiting for 2021 January!

    Mrutyumjay Chennu on

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